why marriage and career are mutually exclusive?

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For the record let me state that I am a happily married woman and my career choices aren’t accidental either. I am very content with the way my marriage and career are blooming. Mine is a love marriage and that’s too in a country where opting for it is a single act of protest against our so-called traditional Indian values. Likewise, I have been very cognizant about my career choices since childhood and huge piece of credit for this goes to my parents who were broad-minded, supportive and encouraging at the right times and places.

So, you see I have a happy family and work-life hence this blog is not resulting out of a bad, unsuccessful, bitter marriage and spoiled relationships. And to sum it all, marriage was never an ambition or matter of achievement for me ever. I do not consider myself being over-confident saying that I have very clearly known the place of marriage and career in life.

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Yoga – a fit and balanced way of life

Can yoga help restore balance to life? Can it be an ultimate fitness regime? Does Yoga bring healing?

Yes, yoga can be your new way of life which brings holistic healing. It is not new in the world of fitness though quite underrated and mysterious.

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Women and the Fundamental Rights!

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It’s been a while since I have been mulling over connection between Fundamental rights and the role, they play in our lives primarily in an Indian woman’s life.

I have seen women around struggling to affirm their existence but not knowing where to look for, what to look up to, which premise to consider when it’s time to take some tough calls. Women have been subjected to societal exploitation and manipulation for generations and ironically, they are so habitual of taking the abuse that they almost forget to consider their existence as an equal citizen of a nation who have rights and the very rights that can protect them against all inhumanly and discriminating behaviors provided, they are aware.

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Life with Endometriosis – My Story

I had endometriosis and I don’t care if you know. I owe it to Endometriosis awareness campaign worldwide and my fellow companions (both men & women) who are still connected through social media.

I know that this epidemic affects 176 million women worldwide and I am sure thousands of cases would still be unreported/unheard. I was happy to find that there are communities and celebrities running campaigns to spread awareness against Endometriosis among women and hence I would do my part too.

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