Sarchu – the place that took me forever


This is one of the blogs which I had longed to write with the whole of my heart and soul but still struggled to find the right words or perhaps that is why. Words constantly failed me while I tried to describe what I felt and still feel for this place. I am just hoping that this write up lives up to the worth of what an explorer might be looking for.

Though the entire Himalayan range is nothing less than a wonderland but a few places capture your heart forever and Sarchu is one of those places for me. Nothing could describe Sarchu perfectly than the phrase “a place absolutely out of nowhere”.

It was never on my list to explore. I hadn’t even heard of it a year ago. They say that the best things happen to you accidentally and we accidentally stumbled upon Sarchu. I have been exploring the Himalayas with my husband through road trips for years now. We have covered the entire crown of India, seeing majestic views, intimidating mountain ranges, few of the highest motorable passes in the world and what not but nothing comes close to what this fantastic place is, in my mind.

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