30s are blissful !!!

Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash
Photo by Etty Fidele on Unsplash

Sometimes, things get right when you move to the wrong side. That’s what happened to me when I crossed over to the wrong side of twenty-nine.

I think we all are quite apprehensive about aging and more so to enter the thirties. For some reason, the thirties sound quite scarily old though ain’t. We are full of energy during teens, excited about the twenties but not very welcoming for thirties.

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Why your in-laws are not your court-of-law?

Photo by Luis Galvez on Unsplash
Photo by Luis Galvez on Unsplash

What happens to smart, educated, financially independent women that they get played up by their parents-in-law to sabotage their entire being? Get scarred for their lifetimes?

Look anywhere, any nation, any civilized society, and examples would be found easily enough. More so if the nation is developing or if the class is middle-middle. Doesn’t this ring bell for all married women across the globe for better or worse?

Women who were smart once, who could run their lives with full confidence, get easily enslaved by these self-proclaimed Demigods. I am not even talking about women susceptible to easy maneuvers.

What is it that makes the gang-of-parents-in-law read mothers-in-law read monsters-in-law get the best of these smart flamboyant women so easily?

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Why successful women are slut-shamed?

Is there only me who has heard people especially non-working women accrediting a working woman’s success to her ability to sleep with her bosses/superiors, engage in promiscuous behavior and being sexually provocative?

If you are one of the working women out there who is successful or not so successful but working by choice and reading this then may I ask if it has ever happened to you during your journey that a mentor/coach/people in principle ever tried discouraging you by telling that being ambitious is going to lead you into trade your body? And that there is just one way for a woman to be successful and that is being a tart? Well, I have been and that’s why I am here to bust the myth.

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why marriage and career are mutually exclusive?

Photo by Petr Ovralov on Unsplash

For the record let me state that I am a happily married woman and my career choices aren’t accidental either. I am very content with the way my marriage and career are blooming. Mine is a love marriage and that’s too in a country where opting for it is a single act of protest against our so-called traditional Indian values. Likewise, I have been very cognizant about my career choices since childhood and huge piece of credit for this goes to my parents who were broad-minded, supportive and encouraging at the right times and places.

So, you see I have a happy family and work-life hence this blog is not resulting out of a bad, unsuccessful, bitter marriage and spoiled relationships. And to sum it all, marriage was never an ambition or matter of achievement for me ever. I do not consider myself being over-confident saying that I have very clearly known the place of marriage and career in life.

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Women and the Fundamental Rights!

Photo by lucia on Unsplash

It’s been a while since I have been mulling over connection between Fundamental rights and the role, they play in our lives primarily in an Indian woman’s life.

I have seen women around struggling to affirm their existence but not knowing where to look for, what to look up to, which premise to consider when it’s time to take some tough calls. Women have been subjected to societal exploitation and manipulation for generations and ironically, they are so habitual of taking the abuse that they almost forget to consider their existence as an equal citizen of a nation who have rights and the very rights that can protect them against all inhumanly and discriminating behaviors provided, they are aware.

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Life with Endometriosis – My Story

I had endometriosis and I don’t care if you know. I owe it to Endometriosis awareness campaign worldwide and my fellow companions (both men & women) who are still connected through social media.

I know that this epidemic affects 176 million women worldwide and I am sure thousands of cases would still be unreported/unheard. I was happy to find that there are communities and celebrities running campaigns to spread awareness against Endometriosis among women and hence I would do my part too.

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